About Me

I am a photographer, an art educator, and a mother. 

​I've been taking photographs since I was eleven years old, when my mom (who is also a photographer) placed a camera in my very cold hands (we lived in Alaska!) I took my love of photography through college, where I earned a BFA and and MFA in photography. I later taught darkroom photography to adults and moved into teaching digital photography to teens (which I still do!) Along the way I also spent fifteen years teaching studio art to kindergarten through twelfth graders, and I landed in Philadelphia where I started a family which includes my husband, two kids, one large German Shepherd, two cats, two pet rats, and eight chickens! I've taken my love of portraiture and interest in women's equality into a women's empowerment photo story project that has been a true labor of love, called the Strength Source Project.  

www.strengthsourceproject.wordpress.com  I have photographed around 140 women in the region while collecting their stories of strength.

​My style when photographing families, individuals, and couples is a combination of my fine arts background (where I began in a darkroom) merged with my digital knowledge and experience relating to people of all ages. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during out shoot, I want to capture honest emotions and interactions on camera, AND I want to create gorgeous and well composed images in both color and black and white.

​I take photos ALL of the time because it is what I love to do. This is where I get into my zone. Let me work with you to create gorgeous, emotive images that you will always treasure.

What to Know About Shooting With Me:

I am obsessed with natural light! I shoot on location, whether this be outdoors or in your home and while studio lighting is an option, natural light is just too beautiful to ignore! We will work together to find a location that works best (in your home or outside). 

I shoot on location (see above) as I do not currently have a studio space (perhaps one day I will). But honestly, location shooting is so much fun and the results are unlike anything you will take away from a studio session. Also, I feel that photographs taken in your home or at your favorite local park or outdoor destination are more personal and speak more to who you are. 

​Black and white is my first love. I also work in color, though! I work in BOTH! I would be happy to provide you with black and white images along with color images. I feel that each has it's own special magic. 

​While some of our photographs will be planned (it is hard to photograph a group of people without some direction!) I also aim to capture real moments of interaction and spontaneity.

I also hope to capture many emotions, not only the smiles, but the more serious expressions as well.